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Empowering Women Collection | Support Women By Wearing A Positive Message

Why I started....  I had been told so many times through out my life  that I'm not good enough, I can't make it and I will FALL flat on my face.  I know how it feels to be criticzed daily and made to feel worthless. I know how much IT HURTS.

A few months ago a close friend sent me a Youtube video on surviving narcissist, after watching the first video I felt a connection finally I understood a little more about the person behind the abuse.

Then 4 years later I started my Empowered Collection.  A reminder to all that you are powerful, strong and capable of anything you put your mind too.

We all need someone to have our back, and sometimes we have no one encouraging and giving words of strength when we need them the most.  I want every woman to know I'm cheering for you. I want you to feel that anything is possible and just keep moving. You GOT this.  My collection is about YOU helping, supporting and building you!  Please share this message and /or shop my collection I have…
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How To Declutter Your Closet In 9 Easy Steps

It's pretty easy to become overwhelmed every time you open your closet door especially when it's overflowing and unorganized.  I reassess my closet each season and take time to weed out the unwanted items and you should too.

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By keeping your closet organized you are less likely to overbuy items you already own and make mornings a breeze, no more standing looking at your closet for 10 mins with the
"What do I wear panic".

Step 1. Look at each item and decide if it is excessively worn, missing buttons, still in style and if it still fits.  Place in one of 3 piles 1. Keep 2. Donate 3.Unsure.

Step 2. Once you have decided on the items you are keeping make sure you have plenty of hangers.

Step 3. Start to hang each item, I hang 85% of my closet. The reason because if you can visually see an item you are more likely to wear and it makes finding that "shirt" a breeze. Items that cant be hung up place again in like color piles and …

How To Rock Snake Print | Hot Trend For Spring 2019

How To Rock Snake Print | Hot Trend For Spring 2019
I'm kinda on the fence with the snake print trend if I'm honest! I know, I know.. If anyone should be all about every trend it should be, right? Well, I don't believe in following every trend or at least going all in with every trend. 
I love, leopard print that my friend is truly my thing :) Back to the snake print, I'm kinda on the fence mainly because they freak me out if I'm honest! However, I do love seeing the print on other people I think its a very edgy and daring look especially if worn in a complete outfit.

I will dabble with an accessory or two especially in a white print, I feel its less daunting that than a  traditional boa print.

 I did go all out in my boutique adding purses & of course dresses galore, so yes check out my favorite take on the must-have printed. Oh did you see my special circular snake print purse? Now that is unique.

Circular Snake Print Purse Shop NOW  $68

Snake print Shoulder Me…

Fashion Blogger Inspired T Shirt | Blogger T Shirt GIVEAWAY

My love for fashion and blogging as long been my absolute passion and now I can really add more of my love with my line of fashion blogger quote T-Shirts! I designed and picked each one, and of course I love my brand so much I wear many of my own designs daily.

What do you love most about blogging? What would you like to see on your blogging inspired T-shirt? I would love to hear your ideas and hey you might just see your idea on my line!

Send me an email with your favorite quote and the winner will receive there very own copy!

* Giveaway Rules *
Send your favorite blogger quote here
The top 2 quotes will go on a poll Stylish Advisor Boutique  FB page - the quote with most votes wins.
All voters must like and follow the page to be valid.
Like Facebook page & Instagram
Enter by 3/25/19
Winner must take a photographer wearing the winning T-shirt and gives rights to be posted on social media tagging Stylish Advisor Boutiq…

5 Reasons To Dress Better In The Office 2019

5 Reasons To Dress Better In The Office 
1. First Impressions Matter Displaying your best visual representation matters, people will judge you within a few seconds and possibly make a decision on whether or not to take you seriously enough to do business with you. 2. Displays Professionalism  You want to dress for the job you want and not for what you have. When you dress up for work and wear professional attire, people will take you seriously and start to look at you in a certain way. They’ll notice how confident you are and will have more respect for you and your capabilities in the office.

 3. Sets An Example To CoWorkers
Even though casual office attire has become increasingly popular in many offices, going beyond the norm and dressing up a bit will set an example for your coworkers and will get upper management taking notice of your newfound style.

4. It Draws the Right Kind Of Attention 
Always aim to go one step further when it comes to the dress code in your office. So if you see th…

The Everyday Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress 
The iconic staple in every women's closet. When it first entered the style consciousness in 1926 it democratized fashion. It’s short length and simplicity meant that any woman could afford to be chic.
The most famous and classic look for me and many others hands down "Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast At Tiffany's LBD"  Her dress set the bar high for class and sophistication.  

I personally feel wearing an LBD simple jewelry & a bold red lip will always be in style, chic and refined and almost any occasion appropriate. 

I've picked out  5 of my best selling, never out of style classic LBD:

1)  Black Elegant Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress $120
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2)  Semi Sheer Sleeve 3 D Floral Embellishments $88 Click the link to shop now

3) Backless Ruffled Little Black Dress $78  Click the link to shop

4) Lace Trim Backless Bodycon Long Sleeve Dress $158
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